Erasmus Rotterdam University, The Netherlands - SEG University Tour

The city of Rotterdam located in the South of Holland, Netherlands is a lovely place to live in. More so is studying in this beautiful and modern city.

What does studying at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam University feel like. We ask two international students from China and Afghanistan studying at this university to tell us about their experiences.

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Utrecht University, The Netherlands - SEG University Tour

Two international students from Zambia and Kenya share their thoughts and experiences with SEG Study in Europe on how studying at Utrecht University feels like, the admissions process and scholarships.

They also gave their opinion on whether they'll recommend the university to prospective international students. 

Watch to find out what they think about studying at Utrecht University in The Netherlands.

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University of Twente, The Netherlands - SEG University Tour

Our latest vlog from the SEG University Tour is from the University of Twente.

We interview two students studying at the university and asked them about their experiences studying there.

Find answers to some of your own questions by watching the video.

If you'd like to study in the at the university of Twente or the Netherlands, click the link below for details on how to.

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University of Vienna, Austria - SEG University Tour

The first city on the SEG European universities tour 2017 is Vienna, Austria. Here we present the University of Vienna to prospective international students and ask current students what it feels like to study at the University of Vienna.

We interview three students, one from Austria, another from Germany and the third from the Philippines all studying at the University of Vienna.

They talked about what they were studying, why they like their course and how they feel about studying at the university of Vienna.

We hope you enjoy the video. 

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