The university of Tromsø in cooperation with Lapland University of Applied Sciences LAPIN AMK and NarFU Northern Arctic Federal University are offering a joint bachelor programme in Travel and Tourism Management.


The programme offers an introduction to travel and tourism management, the phenomena of tourism and the tourism business. Heritage, cultural tourism and eco-tourism are other important topics of interest for tourism industry in vulnerable areas.

Program Description:

Travel and Tourism Management – online programme/nettbasert is a one year programme that consist of three modules:

TRATT: Introduction to Tourism Management (15 ECTS)

TRABA: Business administration and strategic marketing (15 ECTS)

TRAPRO: Project work with research methodology /thesis

TRAHE: Heritage and sustainable tourism

Learning Outcome

The aim of the programme is to provide the students with an understanding of how the travel and tourism industry works, and to acquire knowledge of important topics for the industry today and in the future in order to develop a sustainable travel and tourism industry for the environment, the local communities and the economy.

The programme targets students who are studying or who wish to study travel and tourism, as well as people who are already working within this field. The programme may also constitute a part of a Bachelor’s Degree. This is a part time programme of study yielding 60 ECTS over a period of one and a half years. The programme is suitable for those working in the industry/or aspiring to work within the industry, as well as for students enrolled in other study programmes.

Admission Requirements

Basic entrance requirements for Higher Education Entrance Qualification in Norway and certified language requirements in English. Admission requirements will differ according to the student’s country of origin.

The programme will be held on condition that enough students apply for the program.


The language of instruction is English.

Job Prospectives

The programme qualifies the student for positions in marketing, attraction development and leader positions in both small and medium sized companies within the fields of travel and tourism.


If you are interested in the program visit the official university page for further details: