Today, it is not adequate for executives in industry to have a competent knowledge of e.g. mechanical engineering only; a broad sphere of competence is also required. Therefore, this interdisciplinary degree course was created, combining manufacturing technology and mechanical design with computer engineering and management science.

The standard duration of the course is two years. In the first year, students take part in lectures, exercises and laboratory work. A project and a subject-specific seminar or a process design course take place in the third semester. The course is completed with a six-month Master’s thesis in the fourth semester.

The technological challenges of modern society and the requirements of the globalised labour market call for an excellent engineering education as well as for a sound additional qualification in the fields of business and management, soft skills and humanities. Therefore, the international Master’s degree courses at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) include a minimum number of non-technical compulsory elective courses.



This is a graduate (Master) course and the degree conferred at completion of studies is Master of Science in mechanical engineering (M.Sc).


Admission semester is in the winter semester only.


The programme duration is four semesters (two years).


Application deadline for the next admission semester is 31 of March of each year.


The course languages are English and German; German language courses are offered before and during the programme.


Course Details

At the Hamburg University of Technology, you’ll learn the methodology and logic of engineering – “learning to think”. TUHH promotes interdisciplinary research, teaching and learning. Students will be integrated into research and development projects at an early stage; this facilitates a smooth transition to working life.


You’ll have to opportunity to spend a semester abroad although this is optional for international students. You’ll also have the opportunity to intern at a respectable company as part of your study project.


The total credits for this course is 120 ECTS.

Costs and Funding

Hamburg University of Technology charges no tuition for this master course. However, you’ll be required to pay a small enrolment fee of approx. 310 EUR per semester which covers an administrative fee as well as a contribution to the Students’ Union, the student service organisation, and the student ticket for public transport around Hamburg during the semester.


To meet your living costs, it is recommended that students budget around 800 EUR per month to meet personal expenses such as accommodation, living costs, health insurance, etc. However, you might need less or more depending on your lifestyle.


Do you need a job during your study duration? In principle, there are opportunities to work part-time as a teaching or research assistant at TUHH. However, such jobs cannot be arranged in advance and from a distance. Since the course schedule is very tight and employment regulations for international students are quite restrictive, students cannot depend on this source of income only.


If for whatever reason, you need extra funding to cover your studies, to a limited extent, partial funding in the form of performance-related scholarships, scholarships linked to support work, and scholarships for the final phase of the programme is available for international students at TUHH.



To study mechanical engineering at TUHH, some language requirements are required if you are not from a white english speaking country. Proficiency in English (valid TOEFL with a minimum score of 577/90, valid IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5, valid Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, valid Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, valid “telc English C1” result or valid “UNIcert English level III” result)


Academic requirements

  • Bachelor of Science or equivalent in a relevant subject
  • TOEFL score of at least 577/90 or equivalent
  • Very good previous academic performance


Admissions are currently available to study mechanical engineering at Hamburg University of Technology.


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