Given the demand for tech-savvy graduates and the expanding career opportunities in the IT world, studying computer science in today is an amazing choice and a sure bet. When it comes to studying computer science, however, high tuition fees can be a significant roadblock. This does not have to be the case. Luckily, there are a good number of free universities in Europe for a computer science degree. These universities rank highly according to the Times Higher Education report of 2018

You are currently on SEG Study in Europe’s website because of your desire to advantage of a free computer science program. You would be happy to know that many European Universities boast of quality education in the computer sciences field tuition free or on scholarships. These universities provide high quality computer science education to international students which can lead to a successful career path.

Which universities in Europe offer a computer science program tuition free in 2018? Below are three notable universities that still offer this ever increasingly rare opportunity of tuition free education.

Fulda University of Applied Sciences – Fulda, Germany

Fulda University of Applied Sciences is one of the institutes of higher education at the forefront of computer science and technology. Founded in 1974, Fulda University of Applied Sciences is the first German University of Applied Sciences to have been conferred the right to award PhD degrees.

The study programme Science and Engineering from Hochschule Fulda – University of Applied Sciences is intended both for prospective international and German students, especially prospective students from an immigrant background.

Program: Science and Engineering.
Tuition Fee: 0 EUR per year.
Duration: Four years (8 semesters). Full Time.
Degree Awarded: B.Sc

Business Academy SouthWest – Esbjerg, Denmark

Business Academy SouthWest is similar to universities of applied science. A part of the Danish higher education system and located in Esbjerg and Sønderborg, Denmark. Their goal is to educate the employees of the future.

The Software Development course builds on the Computer Science AP degree offered by the university . This course is ideal for you if you have the ambition of designing and constructing large IT systems. You learn how to handle the back-end of large, distributed IT systems, based on large databases..

Program: Software Development.
Tuition Fee: 0 EUR per year.
Duration: One and half years (3 semesters). Full Time.
Degree Awarded: B.Sc

American College – Nicosia Cyprus

Although not completely free, this is the one of the cheapest computer science programs offered  in Europe. Students enrolled in this program earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The program is designed to educate students with a broad intellectual base, well-developed interpersonal skills, analytical and problem-solving skills and a mastery of the appropriate elements of the discipline of Computer Science.

Program: Computer Science.
Tuition Fee: 75 EUR per credit.
Duration: Four years (8 semesters). Full Time.
Degree Awarded: B.Sc

In addition to a free university degree from a university in Europe, other benefits to studying in Europe include the opportunity to travel around the continent without any visa restriction. Find out all the exciting places you must visit while studying in Europe in this article: Top 10 Place To Visit While Studying in Europe.