SEG Student Stories: Friedel Pauly-Kurz - Namibia ✈︎ Germany

Namibian student Friedel dreamt about studying fashion design at an international college in Germany. SEG Study in Europe made this possible.

"SEG Study in Europe really cared about me. They worked hard to get me my admission and went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable when I arrived in Germany"

Before contacting SEG Study in Europe, I'd been trying to apply on my own to the college named Deutsch-Pop where I wanted to study fashion design since March 2016 but there's was little progress and I didn't know what to do next.

Then I found SEG Study in Europe through Facebook and decided to send them an email explaining my situation and ask for their assistance.
Andrew, one of SEG's representative contacted me after a few days to talk to me about my application. He told me he was going to assist me in getting my admission to study my desired course and that he'll begin my application processing right away. 
Within a few days, I started receiving emails with updates regarding my application and after 10 days, my admission placement was ready and Deutsch-Pop sent me the enrollment documents to be filled and signed. I was really excited that after almost 7 months of trying to get an admission, I got it in two weeks with the help of SEG Study in Europe.

Why Germany and Fashion Design?

Although I grew up in Namibia, I speak, read and write German fluently so studying in Germany felt like the best option for me.
I've always been passionate about fashion and arts and it's been my desire to obtain an academic degree in this field. I previously trained as a chef and I felt fashion design was something I'd always wanted to do so I decided to go for it.

How did SEG Study in Europe Help You?

Wow! There's a lot to say really but one thing I really want to point out first is that SEG Study in Europe gave me confidence to pursue my dream. The fact that there was a solid company behind me to guide me through the hurdles of applying to study abroad gave me enough confidence to try. I didn't really know if it would work out and sometimes I felt like just quitting but Andrew, one of SEG Study in Europe's representatives constantly spoke with me about what to do next and if I had done it. If I failed to submit a document, he would remind me promptly and If I got sent an email from the institute, he would contact me via WhatsApp to make sure I had read and replied to it. All this helped me to be confident that it would be a success and I'm really glad that it is.

When I arrived in Germany, SEG's representative was at the airport to welcome me and help me with my luggage. I had to take the train from Frankfurt to Berlin where my school is located. Once I arrived in Berlin, I was given accommodation. The next day, I was assisted with registering my presence in Germany and also went to the job center to get me on the waiting list for a job.  

What do You look forward to? 

I look forward to the experience and knowledge I'm going to gain in my program. I'm really excited to be living in Berlin, Germany's capital and to be studying a course that I'm passionate about. I plan to work really hard to make sure this opportunity is not wasted.

What are your plans for the future?

Well, my course takes about three years to complete so I've got lot's of time to think about the future. However, I definitely was to go into fashion full time after completing my studies. Hopefully, I'll go working for a big fashion brand and someday have my fashion line. Anyways, the future is still three years away but for now, I want to enjoy every moment living and studying in Germany.


Name: Friederike (Friedel) Pauly-Kurz

Home country: Namibia

Institution: Deutsche-Pop

Degree Programme: Fashion Design (B.A)


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Frederike (Friedel) Pauly-Kurz

Study Location:
Berlin, Germany

Photo: SEG Study in Europe

Photo: SEG Study in Europe

Photo: SEG Study in Europe

Photo: SEG Study in Europe