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Poland is a fascinating country that serves as the geographical and cultural crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. Located at the center of the Northern European plain, Poland has been a nation of survivors since the foundation of the first Polish state more than 1000 years ago. Through its turbulent history its people have managed to maintain their identity, and today, the country enjoys a crucial position as the largest of the former Eastern European states and one of the most populous members of the European Union.

Located in the very centre of Europe, with the total area of 312,679 km² (120,728 sq mi) Poland is the seventh biggest country on the continent. Polish population is over 38,5 million people. The capital city is Warsaw. Poland borders 7 countries: Germany on the west, Czech Republic and Slovakia on the south, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania on the east, and Russia on the north.

In poland you can work part-time while you study. This is an added advantage and a way to make some extra cash. The wages increase systematically, so many Polish students choose paid studies and start working. However, the permission to work in Poland depends on your country of origin.

Polish university education system has a history of 650 years of educating high profile professionals. It resulted in profit not only for Poland, but also for many countries all over the world, where the Poles brought their profesionalism and the spirit of innovation. Notable Poles include Ignacy Domeyko who established the geology research in 19th century Chile. Between 1872 and 1876 Ernest Malinowski built the world’s highest located railroad in Peru. Bronisław Malinowski was a creator of modern anthropology. Ten Nobel Prizes were awarded to Polish artists, scientists and other public figures. Maria Skłodowska-Curie is one of only four laureates to receive a prize twice.

Polish universities offer more that 400 English language programmes. In total, there are approximately 500 universities and collegiate-level institutions of higher education in the country including 131 government-funded and 326 privately owned universities, with almost 2 million enrolled students as of 2010.

There are currently 24 253 international students from 141 countries studying in the Polish higher education institutions, an increase of nearly 4 000 over the previous academic year alone.

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