If you would like to study in Wallonia or Brussels, you should first choose your programme.


The search engine allows you to search for any study programme existing in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It includes all courses in French and in English taught at universities, university colleges and art schools.


Select the level of studies you are looking for (bachelor, master, PhD), the language of the studies (French, English, or partly in French and partly in English), the field of study (sciences, law…) and/or the type of institution (university, university college, arts college). The search results will show all programmes matching your search criteria.

In order to get the details of the programme, you can click on the name of the programme. If you have any questions regarding a programme, please get in touch directly with the institution which is providing this programme.

In order to get information on the institution which provides a programme, you can click on the name of the institution.