Choosing to study in an excellent choice if you enjoy a host of regional cuisines and specialties, beautiful countryside, overall high quality of life, and, of course, those fantastic Belgian waffles.

The fact that Belgium is the capital of Europe is also an added advantage for students interested in studying Business, Economics and other financial courses with added exposure to the financial and economic powerhouse of the European Union.

To study in Belgium, you need to meet certain requirements and deadlines in other to receive a university placement. However, universities have their unique set of requirements for application to study in their university. The admission requirements also depend on the chosen academic level and field of study. The requirements below is a general requirements for universities in Belgium, these requirements along with the individual requirements would help you apply to study in Belgium.

General University Requirements:

  • To get admitted to the undergraduate degree program (a Bachelor’s degree), you will need to hold a legitimate school leaving certificate that’s recognized as corresponding to the certificate of higher secondary education issued in Wallonia-Brussels. Students who hold a foreign qualification of secondary education must therefore make an application to obtain a recognition on the equivalence of their own secondary school leaving certificate from the Equivalences Department on the Ministry of Federation Wallonia-Brussels in order to be able to access to the Bachelor’s amount study programs.


Please note: In certain fields of study, as is the case for Belgian students, the foreign student must also pass an entrance examination (art school, engineering) or a competitive examination at the end of a first year of studies (medicine or dentistry).

  • If you want to undertake an undergrad degree (Bachelor’s degree), you must select a specific course of training and make contact with the university, institute or art school of your respective choice to find out all the conditions and terms of admission.
  • To get admitted to any graduate degree program (Master’s degree), the foreign student needs to generally hold a good undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s diploma, obtained generally after 36 months of study) within the same field. A personal as well as professional experience validated from the Admissions Panel in the institution according to your specific evaluation procedure can also be accepted to get access to a graduate degree.
  • Holders of a certificate of higher education obtained abroad who want to undertake a graduate student degree in Belgium generally need not obtain a identification of equivalence of their diploma from this Ministry of Federation Wallonia-Brussels. We advise you to contact the higher education institution of your respective choice to check the conditions and terms of admission.
  • Admission into postgraduate studies (doctorate) is set-aside to students that hold a graduate degree corresponding to 300 ECTS credits (generally acquired in 5 years of study) or a graduate degree identical and estimated at 300 ECTS credits through the Admissions Panel of the institution. It is important to bear in mind that a doctoral thesis is written under the guidance of any supervisor (tutor). To get a doctorate, the student has to submit a draft thesis that is sufficiently defined and have the written agreement of a supervisor.


If you want to study for a new doctorate, the first move is therefore to name a professor doing work in your field of study and to contact him to be able to present your research project for approval. To do so, we advise you to definitely consult the colleges websites. To find out more about postgraduate studies, consult the Doctoral Scientific studies section.


If your admission application is accepted, a last step remains to be completed before receiving student status: enrollment with the institution of your choice.

To be properly enrolled, the pupil must:

* satisfy the admission requirements

* pay the tuition fees.

Each higher education institution has a unique admissions and enrollments department. We advise you to make contact with this department in order to obtain precise information on the admission along with enrollment procedures you should follow.


Students from the People’s Republic of China must obtain an academic evaluation certificate issued by the Academic Assessment Centre (APS) before being authorized to enroll in a higher education institution, a language course or other preparatory course in Belgium.

This APS certificate is also required to get the study visa for Belgium. The examination includes a technical assessment of your diploma and an interview. In a number of cases, you can be exempted from this kind of interview. To learn more, we recommend that you get in touch with the institution of your choice in Wallonia-Brussels and with the APS Centre located in Beijing:

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