Each year more than 30,000 students choose to earn their university degree in Finland. The country also continues to gain popularity every day for its breathtaking landscapes and great student life. The major worry of any student moving to study in Europe is tuition fees and studying in Finland solves this very problem by providing free access to higher education to many international students through government grants and student scholarships.

Studying is Finland is Still Free for Many

Finland is a great country to study in Europe, especially if you are a resident of the European Union or the European Economic Area. Even if you come to attend Finnish university programs from outside of these regions there are many opportunities for gaining scholarships or studying for minimal or zero fees provided that you take courses in the Finnish or Swedish language.

Proximity To Other European Countries

While studying in Finland, students have the opportunity to visit nearby Scandinavian countries, which offer some of the most scenic landscapes including a world heritage site in Southwest of Finland.

Students can enjoy a ferry ride or a road trip to nearby places including Sweden which is famous for its natural beauty, and Lithuania, which is known for its medieval architecture from the 18th century. These travel destinations are easy to reach from Finland and provide students a break from their study schedule to refresh their minds and enjoy the natural beauty of surrounding areas.

Great Place To Live By Many Standards

Finland has been making its name as one of the most livable places in the world. The capital of the country, Helsinki, provides a vibrant mix of great food and an urban lifestyle. Finland provides a great balance of technological advancements and natural beauty.

The country has some of the best hiking trails and skiing landscapes in the world. All healthcare facilities such as doctor appointments and prescription filing are available online and ID verification can be done over the phone. These features make life convenient and easy for the residents making Finland a great place to live as a student or as a resident.

High Academic Standards

High academic standards are one of the key factors that make Finland an attractive destination for international students who wish to study in Europe.

According to multiple surveys conducted on student life in Finland, international graduates highly rate the Finland academic standards and praise the teaching staff for their high level of commitment to educating their students. The Finnish Education system is famous for valuing its teachers which has translated into the country’s high teaching standards and great education system.

Lively International Community

With so many students coming from around the world to study in Finland, students do not find it hard to live and study in the country.

It is easier for international students to find someone with the same background and a diverse international community and the locals are more accustomed to welcoming students from around the world. The capital city of Helsinki is a hub for students to take time off from their busy schedule and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city.

Friendly Atmosphere

Locals in Finland are quite friendly, and students have a nice time visiting art galleries to see the Finnish culture. People are always willing to help and provide directions if you are lost which makes it a safe place for a student who chooses Finland as a place to study in Europe. In fact, Finland has been considered as the second safest place in the world by many standards.

English Is Widely Spoken

Some people might think that being a Scandinavian country; it might be difficult to communicate in English in Finland. On the contrary, the local population is well educated and quite fluent in English which makes life easy for many international students coming to Finland.

Finland has one of the best education systems in the world and is gaining popularity as an ideal destination for international students who wish to study in Europe. The country provides great benefits such as free education and access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It can be an ideal location for students who wish to complete their higher education abroad.