A Brief History of Belgium

Belgium officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a federal monarchy in Western Europe. This beautiful country is home to world-renowned universities, exotic cuisines,, beautiful countryside and many sightseeing wonders. Belgium is regarded as the capital of Europe as the headquarters of the European Union is located there along with many other major international organisations. Belgium is culturally diverse and due to it’s geographic position it is home to two major cultural groups: The Dutch-speaking , mostly Flemish community and the French-speaking, mostly walloon population; there’s also a small group of German-speakers who are also recognized. The official languages are Dutch, French and German.

Beautiful Things About Belgium

  1. Belgium Chocolates: Yes! you read that right. Belgium is famous for her chocolates. The country produces around 220,000 tonnes of chocolates each year and this mean an average of 22 kg of chocolate is consumed per person each year or 61 grams per day. The world’s biggest chocolate retail point is the Brussels National Airport. So all you chocolate lovers, Belgium might just be the right place for you to study.
  2. The Royal Palace of Brussels: The Royal Palace of Brussels is an architectural masterpiece. Construction started in 1783 and it was completed in 1934. One fun fact: The Royal Palace of Brussels is 50% longer than Buckingham Palace. If you decide to study in Belgium, the Royal Palace is someplace you should visit.
  3. New Citizenships: Belgium grants the most new citizenships per capita in the world after Canada. 1.6 million people in Belgium are immigrants or children or grandchildren of immigrants. That’s 15% of the population. After completing your studies in Belgium and so in love with the country that you decide to settle there, you can be sure that you’ll become a citizen sooner than any other country.
  4. Quality of Education: The country of Belgium has one of the highest quality of education in the world. According to a 2007 UNICEF report on child well-being in rich countries, Belgium was ranked the best country for children’s education well-being. Belgium also boast of excellent university education.
  5. Beer: Now for all you beer lovers, Belgium is the place to be. Although the exact number is disputed, Belgium makes over 800 different beers. Belgians drink an average of 150 litres of beer per year per person. Belgium also has excellent cheese sandwiches to go with the beer.

Education in Belgium

Higher Education in Belgium

Higher education in Belgium is organized by the two main communities, the Flemish Community and the French Community. German speakers typically enroll in institutions in the French Community or in Germany.

There are various different types of higher education institution (HEI) in Belgium, including universities, university colleges (called hautes ecoles in the French Community), art colleges (called ecoles supérieures des arts and only offered in the French Community), institutes of architecture (only available in the French Community) and the academy of the Belgian Army. In both Communities, there are also registered HEIs which issue specialized degrees or provide education in a foreign language, and degree programs or entire institutes that are recognized by a foreign country rather than by the Flemish or French Communities.

As in most European countries, a bachelor’s degree usually takes three years to complete and a master’s degree one to two years. Bachelor’s degrees are categorized as either a ‘professional bachelor’ which has a vocational element, or an ‘academic bachelor’ which is more academic and prepares students to pursue a master’s degree. Having obtained a master’s degree, students can then pursue research projects leading to a doctorate degree. Bachelor and master’s degrees can be awarded by both colleges and universities in Belgium, while PhD’s are only awarded by universities.