‘In Linz beginnt’s’ (Translated: It begins in Linz) goes the Austrian saying, and this is rightly so. The city of Linz is one on the move, with it’s finger on the pulse of the country’s technology industry. Linz is a symbiosis as a city of industry, culture and nature, an an international contemporary Student City – surrounded by stunning natural landscapes.


Linz is Austria’s third-largest city sitting astride the River Danube. In 2009, it was chosen together with the Lithuanian capital Vilnius as the European Capital of Culture. It also became a Unesco City of Media Arts in 2014. Linz is not only a contemporary hub but is also home to one of Europe’s finest universities; the Johannes Kepler University of Linz (JKU).

Great Study Destination


The city of Linz is a hidden gem when it comes to study destinations. It is not as famous as Paris or London or Berlin but this is exactly what makes it unique. Linz encompasses the right balance of all the features that make a city great for studying which includes a top university, low tuition fees, courses offered in English and a vibrant social life.


Johannes Kepler University Linz

Since its inception in 1966, the JKU has become a successful and innovative center of science, academics and society. Today, the JKU has become one of the largest educational institutions in Upper Austria and enjoys an international reputation not only in conducting base-knowledge research, but also in applied-oriented research.


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are quite low in Austria compared to other Western European countries. In the JKU, since 2009 the following regulations regarding tuition fees payment has been in effect:


– EU and EEA citizens enrolled in a degree-seeking program are exempt from tuition fees as long as studies do not exceed the designated time frame allowed in which to complete complete a degree program (incl. Two tolerance semesters). Students enrolled as non-degree seeking students are subject to pay tuition fees in the amount € 382,56 per semester (incl. the Austrian Student Union fee).

– Citizens from all other countries enrolled in either a degree-seeking (ordentliche) or non-degree seeking (außerordentliche) program are required to pay tuition fees in the amount of € 380,22 per semester (incl. Austrian Student Union fees).


Living Expenses and  Social Life

By European standards, the cost of living in Austria is average. Basic costs for food and accommodation can be estimated between € 600 and € 700 per month. However, the amount you spend will entirely depend on your lifestyle and personal choices.


Suitable accommodation can range between € 200 to 380, Food budget for one month can be covered with € 250, while other expenses including transport and entertainment can be taken care of with € 150.


If you are beginning to feel like you want to study in the city of Linz, Austria, good for you! You can learn more about studying at JKU on the university website. You can also contact us if you’d like some more information on studying in Austria.