Applying to universities in Norway is pretty uncomplicated. To be accepted onto a degree program, you must have attained a general university admissions certificate (generell studiekompetanse), which you can achieve by completing upper secondary school. International students can find out if their foreign certificates are recognized using the country-specific GSU-list.

You can also apply for universities in Norway through the law of 23/5 – you must be above 23 years of age and have 5 years of combined schooling and work experience, and have passed exams in several key subjects (namely Norwegian, mathematics, natural sciences, English and social studies). Some degrees may also ask for qualifications in specific subjects depending on the degree program (such as mathematics and physics for engineering). Bear in mind that each course and university will have its own specific admissions requirements.

When applying for programs taught in English, you will need to apply directly and individually to each institution you are interested in. You’ll usually need to fill in an application form, which is typically available on the institution’s website or by request. Undergraduate courses taught in Norwegian can be applied to by using the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (NUCAS).