After you finish high school, the next step on your mind towards a rewarding career may be obtaining a university degree.

Have you always loved the idea of studying abroad in a far away country that offers you a university degree recognized worldwide but also rewards you with a rich experience and gives you the opportunity to see the world, make international friends, learn a new language and even more?

But have you been discouraged by how expensive it is for an international student to study abroad in some countries like the U.S.A and United Kingdom?

Well, the good news is you don’t have to be discouraged. There are many countries in the European Union (EU) that offer high quality university education at a fraction of what it costs to study in other countries.

In this article, some of the countries that offer the best education all round along with other advantages for international students will be highlighted. You can make your decision based on some of the information here.

So let’s talk about the cheapest EU countries for international students to study in europe:


Norway is pretty much the most popular destination for international students who want to study at an affordable cost. Universities in Norway offer tuition free education to local and international students alike. Find more details on studying in Norway here.


Germany is widely known amongst international students as one of the best places in Europe to obtain an Engineering degree. It’s also very attractive because of its lack of tuition fees. Most universities charge only a small semester fee to cover administrative costs. To learn more about studying in Germany, visit the Study in Germany page.


Poland is one of the largest countries in the European Union. It also boasts many renowned universities such as the University of Warsaw located in the capital city. Tuition fee in Poland is very cheap compared to other fee paying countries in Europe. The cost of living is also relatively cheap. To learn more about studying in Poland, visit the Study in Poland page.


Home of Mozart, classical music, high mountains, deep rivers and incredible architecture, there’s so much to love about Austria. This small country offers a wide variety of activities and also good university education. Its size is just perfect if you want to study at the heart of Europe but don’t enjoy the bustle of a large city. To learn more about studying in Austria, visit the Study in Austria page.


Estonia is relatively new when it comes to study abroad destinations but this small country is quickly gaining attention amongst international students for all the right reasons. Tuition fees in Estonia is quite very cheap compared to their neighbor Finland who recently started charging international students tuition. There are some courses offered by universities in Estonia tuition free while others have a quite inexpensive tuition cost. The standard of living is really good while the cost of living is refreshingly low. The capital city Tallinn is the first and maybe the only city in the world to offer free public transport to all legally registered residents including international students so you’ll not have to pay for you trips around the city. Estonia also has one of the fastest internet speeds in Europe and is very forward thinking in adopting new technology. If you are interested in ‘startups’ and entrepreneurship, Estonia is an excellent choice. If you have interest in studying in Estonia, kindly contact us for more information.